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Hi Everyone, Anti social behavior, vandalism, theft, home burglaries, sound familiar? garages robbed, tools stolen, kids bikes gone, car gone, it happens dramatic yes, traumatic even bigger yes, solution?? Sadly we live in a society where by if you cannot be bothered to work and make something of your life you turn to crime and steal, and cheat from other hard working people. The police do the best job possible to assist and advise and in some cases prosecute. Local authorities spend huge sums of money trying to improve social deprivation throughout the countries we live in to see it thrown back at them. I quote a London metropolitan police officer: “The things you value so much do not have the same value to a thief, what takes years to collect can be lost and destroyed in seconds, securing your property correctly, locking your garages, sheds, stores deters opportunist thief’s” So what is my pitch? Quite simple I manufacture a security device designed for the commercial shipping container industry, which also fits to gates, sheds, garages, stores, and any where you need to secure your property. They come with superb locks and are made to the highest standard. Worldwide deliveries via all major carriers. Very easy to fit and the police always say “Lock it or lose it” Do something constructive today – do not be another police statistic and sit thinking about what you have lost 2 minutes of your time against a life’s work no brainer!! Please go to http://www.shippingcontainerlockbox.com and view our product range, prevention is far better than the feeling of loss. Do this for your property and then tell everyone else what you have done spread the word “lock it or lose it” Regards and thank you for reading

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